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Volunteer Journalism Projects

Company: Projects Abroad
Category: Career Placements (Journalism)
Location(s): Argentina, Bolivia, Cambodia, China, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Ghana, Jamaica, Mexico, Mongolia ....more

If you are contemplating a career in the media and are looking for a challenging but rewarding experience then a Journalism placement with Projects Abroad may be right for you. Volunteers can choose to work either on a Print Journalism placement or on a Broadcast placement. A project in Print journalism will provide you with a unique insight into

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Costa Rica N.G.O. Media & Journalism Internship

Company: Frontier
Category: Career Placements (Journalism, Marketing & media, Tourism)
Location(s): Costa Rica

Nestling between its tropical Caribbean and Pacific coasts, Costa Rica is one of the most breath-taking countries in the world. Travel to this tropical paradise and take part in an exciting teaching project that will fully integrate you into the local community and leave you forever in love with the people, landscapes, beaches, rainforests, volcano

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Fiji Journalism

Company: Frontier
Category: Career Placements (General, Journalism, Marketing & media)
Location(s): Fiji

The Fijian archipelago lies scattered lazily in the achingly blue waters of the Pacific Ocean, bathed in the radiant Antipodean sunlight. Its towns and villages are veritable melting pots of cultural influences – see multicoloured Hindu temples perched next to relics of the traditional indigenous spirit houses with th

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London Conservation N.G.O. Internship

Company: Frontier
Category: Career Placements (Ecology, Journalism, Tourism)
Location(s): England

New York, Paris, Milan, London.  The reputation of being one of the worlds most famous cities does not come lightly and testament to this is the famous quote of one Samuel Johnson: “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life,  for there is in London, all that life can afford.” Whether it be visiting bustling markets

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Internship Australia

Company: BUNAC
Category: Career Placements (Business & Finance, IT & Communications, Journalism)
Location(s): Australia

What's Internship Australia?  Looking for a career building experience at a great price? Then look no further than our Essentials Professional Internship Australia programme! Get ready to develop your professional skills, gain real world experience, friends and exposure as BUNAC brings you a variety of internships in a multitude of industry s

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Intern Canada

Company: BUNAC
Category: Career Placements (Business & Finance, Journalism, Marketing & media)
Location(s): Canada

What’s Intern Canada? Introducing our new North American kid on the blog: Intern Canada! Our newest programme is already making huge waves with students and graduates determined to develop their skills in a work environment and see some sights at the same time. With BUNAC’s help, we’ll land you an internship suited to you and you

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