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Volunteer Sports Coaching Abroad

Company: Projects Abroad
Category: Sports Gap Years (Football, Athletics , Multi Sports)
Location(s): Argentina, Bolivia, China, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Fiji, Ghana, Jamaica, Kenya ....more

Whether you have a passion for football, are a keen runner or just want to help coach children in their sports lessons, you can make a difference to young people's lives by volunteering on a Projects Abroad Sports placement. Volunteers will be responsible for making sport available to all. This placement is ideal for anyone with a passion for spor

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'Leap For Success' Gap year training & work

Company: Rockley Watersports
Category: Sports Gap Years (Multi Sports)
Location(s): England, France

Take the plunge into the world of watersports. SELECTION DAYS BEING HELD ON 2nd / 11th November !!! or come and visit us at the Southampton Boatshow (15th to 24th September).  With the activity industry growing and growing it is no surprise that there is a shortage of qualified watersports instructors to meet demand. Rockley want to nurture

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