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South America Ethical Adventure Trail

Company: Frontier
Category: Multi Activity Gap Years (Tourism, Archaeology, Wildlife)
Location(s): Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru

South America is a region teeming with life, colour, culture and history. Throughout its past, civilisations such as the mighty Incas have given way to a wave of European colonisation and influences. Today, a rich diversity of peoples and styles can be seen in every country on the continent, a continent which holds not only the titanic Andes mount

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Volunteer in Ecuador

Company: BUNAC
Category: Multi Activity Gap Years (Conservation, Construction & building, Wildlife)
Location(s): Ecuador

Volunteer Ecuador Prepare for the ultimate South American adventure as we take you on an epic journey through the Andes, trawling through the Amazon rainforest and on to the enchanted isles of the Galapagos. Encounter some of the strangest creatures imaginable, see scenes you’ve only dreamt of and meet people you will never forget on this ad

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