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Most Affordable Volunteer Programs in India

Company: International Volunteer HQ
Category: Community Projects (Community development, Childcare, Teaching English)
Location(s): India

Volunteers are needed in India to join a range of highly affordable projects for durations ranging from 1 week to 24 weeks. Based in both Delhi and Dharmsala, volunteers are welcomed to assist on a range of community-driven projects. Volunteers are accommodated in local homestays alongside other international volunteers. For more info visit: www.v

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Journalism Internships Abroad

Company: Frontier
Category: Career Placements (IT & Communications, Journalism, Marketing & media)
Location(s): Argentina, Fiji, India, Madagascar, Nepal, Tanzania

A journalism internship abroad is a fantastic way to learn more about a new culture and gain valuable work experience to help you start a career in the media industry. It will mean you return home with something to put you above other applicants for a university place or job. By shadowing and learning directly from professionals, you will develop y

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