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Medical Volunteers

From hospitals to orphanages, during a medical gap year you will be helping out with the extra things that full time staff struggle to get done, and that make a huge difference to the patients. A medical gap year placement is invaluable preparation for a career in Medicine. Opportunities in General Medicine and specialist professions exist in the UK and in developing countries all over the World.

Medical Volunteer Work

Fiji Healthcare

WHAT DOES THE PROJECT DO? Fiji’s socio-economic demographic is changing fast.  It is clear that the healthcare industry needs to change with it, and have a clear plan to address the negative effects of urbanisation and modernisation...

Cost: from £985

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Nepal Children's Hospital Medical Project

The landscape of Nepal is the most spectacular in the world. The world's highest mountain ranges plunge into lush valleys teeming with exotic wildlife and throughout, remote monasteries and villages adorn the landscape. Here, you'll find over 800..

Cost: £649

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