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Orphanage Volunteers

Depending on which part of the World they are located in, Orphanages tend to be either privately or charity funded and almost always have volunteer programmes. Orphanages take care of unwanted and sometimes abused children which means a placement in an orphanage can be emotionally difficult but enormously rewarding. Types of placement vary from short term volunteering (a couple of weeks), longer term volunteering (3 months ish) and professional volunteering (teachers, fluent language speakers, doctors etc).

Orphanage Volunteer Work

Volunteer Care Work

All over the world there are huge numbers of children and adults in need of care and attention. By volunteering on a Care placement with Projects Abroad you can help make an invaluable difference to these people’s lives. No previous..

Cost: Varies depending on project, destination and duration. Care project prices from £995

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Nepal Children's Hospital Medical Project

The landscape of Nepal is the most spectacular in the world. The world's highest mountain ranges plunge into lush valleys teeming with exotic wildlife and throughout, remote monasteries and villages adorn the landscape. Here, you'll find over 800..

Cost: £649

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