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Government Work Placements

Internships in the UK Civil Service are managed by each indiviual government department and in some cases on a regional basis. Work experience can include IT, Communications and other regular business activities but also in Politics and Policy setting.

Government Work Placements & Internships

Fiji Animal Health & Welfare

WHAT WILL I BE DOING? You will work closely with a local animal welfare charity and will be substantially involved in the day to day running of a large urban animal welfare centre. You may cover activities ranging from cleaning animal cages, caring..

Cost: from £439

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Tenerife Whale & Dolphin Conservation Course Credit Internship

A multitude of Frontier volunteers and interns are University or College students undertaking academic study. Why not make the most of your time abroad by adding volunteer experience to your resume as well as gaining academic course credit in your..

Cost: 1160

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