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Rainforest Conservation Projects

Rainforests are some of Earth’s most diverse ecosystems, 40 to 75% of all known species are indigenous to the rainforests. Conservation volunteers conduct scientific research, help implement and promote sustainable agricultual techinques. Often included with a rainforest placement are trips and excursions into the jungle, be it in the Amazon or Australia.

Rainforest Conservation Projects

Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation in the Amazon Jungle

Help protect endangered animal species and the irreplacable biosphere of the Amazon Rainforest! This project aims to rescue and rehabilitate wildlife affected by deforestation and illegal animal trafficking. The animals are rehabilitated with the..

Cost: From 835£

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Environmental & Wildlife Conservation in the Amazon Rainforest

Much of the wildlife and plant life in the Amazon Rainforest is threatened by illegal animal poaching and smuggling and illegal deforestation. Volunteer in the jungle of Peru to help aid in the conservation and protection of the victims of these..

Cost: From 925£

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