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Wildlife Volunteering

You can get right up close to amazing wildlife by mixing animal and nature conservation projects. Voluntary work might include helping to manage ecosystems at a nature and animal reserve, or caring for and feeding endangered wildlife. Some specialist gap year companies have organised projects designed to help develop organic farming techniques (hard work but well worth the effort).

Wildlife Volunteer Work

Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation in the Amazon Jungle

Help protect endangered animal species and the irreplacable biosphere of the Amazon Rainforest! This project aims to rescue and rehabilitate wildlife affected by deforestation and illegal animal trafficking. The animals are rehabilitated with the..

Cost: From 835£

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Volunteer & Protect Ocean Wildlife in Ecuador

Help us protect the coast of South America and endangered sea turtles from the devastation of plastic pollution! At NGO Taxi's Surf & Help Camp, you will rescue and rehabilitate injured marine wildlife, bring our amazing ocean reefs back to..

Cost: From 965£

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Volunteer with Bears in Romania

This is an amazing and rewarding project! You will volunteer in Eastern Europe’s largest bear sanctuary and play a vital role in rehabilitating over 100 bears that were previously captive and abused before being rescued.  You will enjoy..

Cost: From £925

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Volunteer with Monkeys and Baboons in South Africa

As a volunteer at primate rehabilitation centre in rural Africa you will become a surrogate parent to orphaned and mistreated monkeys and baboons so prepare for lots of monkey hugs.  You will be an integral part of helping them on their journey..

Cost: From £867

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Volunteer with Sea Turtles in Costa Rica

Experience life in a tropical paradise.  You will be based on the Costa Rican coastline, where you’ll be working to help conserve adult and baby turtles. You will patrol the beach at night time to identify nesting mother turtles and help..

Cost: From £889

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Volunteer with the Big 5 in South Africa

Experience life as an assistant game ranger on a private Big 5 reserve in South Africa.  You will work alongside some of the world’s most iconic animals – lions, zebra, giraffes, elephants, rhinos, buffalos, cheetahs, monkeys and..

Cost: Prices from £709

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